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Manifesting a re-imagination of the food industry. 





Chef Aaron starts with pastured only animals, permaculture produce, and wild seafood. We continue by making every thing from scratch with techniques such as natural fermentations, whole animal butchering, house made charcuterie, and produce from our own garden. Then we design the perfect dish for each experience.



Join us in the Bull&Dragon Garden for one of our private infused tasting dinners, or hire us to help you create your own private event.


The Herb Project menus are precisely micro infused with  and paired with wine. For private events we can help you create the exact experience you're looking for with custom menus and styles of service. 

Eat Together

The perfect experience is better shared



We are now in an era in which we have pushed our environment, like an avalanche gaining momentum, careening down a mountain toward disaster. Rather then using agriculture as a way to express our bond with the planet and care for what’s most important to us, we have gone the route of factory farms. A practice which is poisoning us, and the land we live on, in too many ways to mention here. However, beyond “organic” and “sustainable” food there is a new(ish) style of agriculture, a way to actually start the reversal process for the damage we've done.


Carbon sequestration, permaculture style agriculture manages ecosystems involving the natural cohabitation of plants and animals in order to rebuild soil health. Chef Aaron uses only plants and animals from farmers and ranchers who use these techniques to the best of their abilities; along with whole animal butchering, gardening and foraging in combination with slow food and modernist techniques to create his "Post Modernist Eco-Cuisine". Aaron started Bull&Dragon with the specific intent to use his cuisine to illustrate and make this style of agriculture sexy and accessible.


IN The Kitchen

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Chef Aaron grew up with gardens and hunting as a way of life; and taught by his father to explore the wonders of creating and sharing food. This encouraged Aaron to start his first apprenticeship at 14, and explore the Los Angeles culinary scene through the 80’s and early 90’s. He was taught that the exploration of cuisine and it's history was indeed a window into the cultures of people from all over the world. In every case learning that those cultures which embraced agriculture as a way of caring for their land, had by far the best food.



Chef Aaron uses modernist techniques and equipment to elevate his eco-conscious, comforting and exciting soil to table cuisine. Have us create a custom menu for your event or festival inspired by these techniques. 


Bull&Dragon can hold private events of 10-50 people in our garden, or bring our food to you. We can do in home dinner or cocktail parties, or large events up to 500 people. We have our own portable kitchen with pit roasters and wood fire grills alongside some of the best modernist equipment. We are also capable of custom concessions menus for music festivals and events.


Email us any questions or event details and we'll get started right away!



Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, Chef Aaron hosts a private dinner in the Bull&Dragon Garden. The menu of 5-7 courses is completely rewritten every month and adapted every weekend to highlight the best ingredients at their peak.


Chef Aaron also selects the perfect wines to go with the meal adding to a complete dining experience. You can get your seats to the private dinners here