Magician's Ball Tarot Card Reading

What do 2017's ghosts of the past have to tell our tribe of the magical manifestations in store for 2018?

Now is the time to reflect and be thankful, to give our selfs a bright new perspective. The holidays are a celebration to bring light in to the shorter days of winter, and help illuminate that which we have and are moving toward.

At Bull&Dragon we want to help celebrate be a part of that light with our tribe by throwing a  Magician's Ball for the new year. Who's the Magician? You are, we are, the tribe is!

In addition to our usual magical dinning experience of perfectly paired wine and cannabinoid infused tasting dinner, we will create a magical environment with live entertainment and lots of group manifestation magic!

In full holiday spirit we are tapping into the spirit energy of the ghosts of the past, present, and future with a tarot card reading for each. We will relay the manifestation magic as a general message for the whole tribe. Starting with the Magician representing each one of us, and the tribe as a whole. For the first reading we pose the question:

What do 2017's ghosts of the past have to tell our tribe of the magical manifestations in store for 2018?

Each day we will discuss the next card in the reading. Please comment, and share your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Then join us at the Magician's Ball to discuss the three oracle cards divined for the ghosts of past, present, and future. Join us to celebrate and manifest the magic between us all!

Day One/Card one

Nine of cups

We asked the question “What do 2017's ghosts of the past have to tell our tribe of the magical manifestations in store for 2018?” I chose the magician to represent our tribe as a whole while asking this question. The first card drawn, the card that covers us, the environment the magician exists in when asking this question is represented by The Nine of Cups.

Nines represent personal intellect and completion, a final stage, and can sometimes be difficult. I would say we as a tribe are in that phase. We are dealing with difficult topics, and horrible truths about our society that we have been ignoring for years, and have stagnated spiritual evolution in our society. The nine phase follows the stagnation of the eight phase and gets things moving

This is the environment, which covers us now, and if we pay attention to the abundance we do have. Are worries are now in the past, and we have movement on these painful subjects. However we need to remember that it’s us, our tribe, that has dug up and is healing these wounds by coming together and being awake to truth.

Day Two/Card Two

The Moon

This is the second card; it represents the obstacle we need to overcome to fully receive the messages from ghosts of the past.  The moon can represent illusion, anxiety, insecurity, and the subconscious. With all the stuff coming to the surface in our environment, maybe we are being a bit too dreamy, or guilty of turning a blind eye to these subjects in the past. The moon card can be said to represent ones psychological shadow as described by Jung. In this case, our collective shadow. Our collective shadow is the misogyny, narcissism, denial of our own shortcomings, and insecurity or fear. This creates hatred through fear of the different. Turning a personal deficiency into a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. We all do it on all sides, and it only perpetuates hate and racism, sexism, classism, elitism… We can over come this obstacle by turning things around and looking inward when we have a problem with someone. We can turn that into constructive energy to heal ourselves, our tribe,  and our society.

Day Three/Card Three

Two of Swords, Inverted


The third card is what crowns us, what we aspire to with in ourselves. The hoodwinked figure sits, unable to see the solution or problem at hand, some might say trapped in the middle. This can represent a positive thing in this position however. Her crossed swords, and calm demeanor represent perfect balance and a stable mind. It can also represent information overload when inverted, it’s telling us to not let the current political/media environment distract us from balance and calm. It tells us our aspirations should be to address all sides of the matter equally. Also very significant, especially in relation to the moon card being our obstacle, is the new moon pictured in this card. A new beginning through balance!