8 Days of Hanukkah, 12 Days of Christmas & THE 13 DAYS OF NEW YEAR

If you've been reading the stuff I've been sending you, then you know I can't stop talking about Magic, Miracles, Manifestation and The Magician. 

Look, I could just send you recipes - and I will - tomorrow. Or hey, I could talk endlessly about making sure you've got a seat at the Transformation Table for one or both of my New Year's events, I could regale you with my travels and the good, clean food I'm making, or what I'm eating locally. I could give you a dossier on the research I'm doing on food and the new way science is approaching agriculture... 


I want to inspire by making a 7 course cannabis-infused meals for you that elevate your palate to the stars, share about the things that drive my Soul to cook for you, offer how my family influenced my eating, get raw about my views on being a chef and restauranteur in this emerging culture of private dining clubs, and tell you about what I'm doing to "heal the dirt" for future generations thru growing and serving organic agriculture, pastured meat from permaculture farms, and biodynamic wine. Plus, there's my fascination with that Magician... and how magic and miracles are the underpinning to our personal evolvement and the evolution of conscious business. 

So, in the interest of turning 2018 into a flipping victory rocket, Lovemuggles, I've got some gifts for you! For the next 13 DAYS 'til New Year's, yeah, 13, The Magician has instructed me to share a tarot card a day and the meaning of that card for YOU! It's a 13 chapter instruction book with increasingly novel ways you can author a more awesome story in 2018 - - - Essentially, it's a manual on how to LIVE Life like a frocking Magician and make crazy shat happen everyday. 

So, here, goes it with The Magician's 13 DAYS OF NEW YEAR for YOU:

DAY 1 refers to your Past, HugMuffin, It's what you're leaving behind. Bye bye, 2017 and your cheap tricks and old pajamas. Hello, 2018 with your real Magic and a Miracle Mindset:

The card for today is the Six of Wands, which is about success, victory and public recognition. But, the Magician gave us this card in REVERSE, which means that you are ditching not being seen as the Genius you are and you're over being invisible, unrewarded, unacknowledged and overwhelmed. Yes, you're done with that shat. Well, almost. Why not take some time tonight  - hey, even 5 minutes is perfectly enough - to reflect upon how much more satisfied and fulfilled you will be by expressing more of who you truly are in ways that feel authentic to you.  

For more on the Six of Wands, you can check out Biddy Tarot, who we like a super lot! LINK HERE


Stay tuned for Day 2 in our 13 Days to New Year's as we move from the past to the present and into the future, AND grab your ticket to join us for a remarkably magical night in our new secret garden under the stars ⭐️ , with old friends and new. The Magician’s arranged for every detail to rock your taste buds, elevate your Soul, and blow the roof off 2018. Yeah, The Magician doesn’t mess around. There will be soulful live music, interactive mural painting, tarot card readings, and a group manifestation for the Best. Year. Ever. Plus, 7 courses of perfectly paired and delicately infused food to tantalize your palate and elevate your Spirit! 

Carpe Magic, world changer, grab your tickets now!