Beans! Bone broth method


Beans! yes I know, boring right? Well this method is definitely not! This is a rich, tasty, super healthy way to make all variety of dried beans. I’ll also discuss the alternative method for fresh beans if you’re lucky enough to live some where you can access them!

Cooking times very for small varieties versus large varieties of beans, smaller beans will be at the shorter end of the range, to the largest beans at the longer end of the range.

Soak your dried beans over night (6-12 hours).

Rinse them well

Bring a pot of filtered water to a rapid boil (remember, no aluminum!)

Put the rinsed beans in the pot (after rinsing, this is when you’d add fresh beans without soaking)

Once the pot of beans return to a rapid boil, set a timer for 5 - 15 minutes (all fresh beans for 5 min, smaller dried beans 5 min. - larger dried beans such as limas, 15 min)

Rinse your beans again. This blanching and double rinsing process helps remove the “Gas”

Now, get your bone broth and your favorite fresh herbs. “Hard Herbs” such as rosemary, thyme, and oregano are suggested, parsley and sage work well too. Make your favorite “Buque Garni” by tying your favorites together with butchers twine.

Place equal weights of bone broth and blanched beans in a pot with your herbs. Bring to a simmer rapidly, and simmer, staring often, until the broth reduces around the beans like gravy!

Feel free to play with recipe! You can add veggies, BACON!, ham, duck confit etc. etc. Have fun!

aaron ziegler