Bone Broth, pressure cooker method

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Here we go! I’m going to start adding recipes here once a week with the idea that you can use them at home, and build off of them. The idea is to make fancy techniques approachable, and seasonal farmers market items more familiar!

First, we’re going to start with “BoneBroth” one of the core ingredients in everything I cook! From soups and sauces, to braised meats, legumes and grains, sometimes veggies too!

First, it’s imperative that you get a good STAINLESS STEEL pressure cooker. You should NEVER cook in aluminum. I’m not a doctor, and I can’t say for sure wether or not aluminum actually causes mental aliments, but I can say for sure it reacts poorly with a variety of foods and distorts their flavor. Plus, I’m not tempting the chances that it may cause Alzheimers.

Once you have a good pressure cooker (mine holds 13 liters) take note of its volume. I like to do everything in metric because its measurements are easily convertible between mass and volume, and also into percentages and ratios. For instance, for 6 liters of water you want 6 kilo. of bone and meat for your bone broth. As for the bone and meat, you want the meat to equal 1/4 of the total mass. So: 1.5 kilo. of meat and 4.5 kilo. of bone. Add to that a nice large yellow onion, 500g. of celery and carrot each, some fresh bay leaf and black pepper corns, add the 6 liters of water, and if you have a 13 liter pot you should be left with about a liters worth of head room. The headroom is the gap between the top of the water and the top of the pot. This is very important so that you don’t compromise the seal before the pot pressurizes, or accidentally clog the pressure valve with debris.

  • 6 kil. filtered water

  • 4.5 kil. bone (chicken/duck/lamb/beef/veal/pork or any combination)

  • 1.5 kil scrap meat or trim

  • 500 g. diced carrot (don’t peal)

  • 500 g. cellery

  • 1 ea. large yellow oninom

  • fresh bay leaf

  • whole black pepper corn

Once you have everything all sealed up, put it on HI heat, or 185c if you have an induction burner.

Bring the cooker up to 1 bar (if you don’t have a gage, once the reales valve is rocking) as fast as possible. Once your there open the release valve (take off the rocker top) for 30 seconds, close it up, and when it returns to one bar (vigorously rocking) turn down the heat to simmer (90c) and cook for three hours. Cool thoroughly, then open and strain!

You now have beautiful BONE BROTH!!! if you let it rest in the fridge overnight, you should be able to just pull all the fat off the top in the morning.

If your pressure cooker is smaller then mine, subtract one liter from the total volume, divide that in half and you have your max water volume for your pot, and the equal kilo/g of bones and meat optimal for your pressure cooker!

Try simply making beans and rice with this recipe… you’ll be amazed!

Demi Glace

Demi Glace